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Sometimes I fancy myself as a Fairy of Music called Asia... In reality, I'm Elena, an odd Italian girl who loves Medieval history, Deep Purple, cookies, Marcus Tullius Cicero, strawberries, Progressive Rock, architecture, Alessandro Manzoni, crayons and Mother Nature.

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R.I.P Glenn Cornick 
(23 April 1947 – 28 August 2014)

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In the Sixties, you could purchase a ticket to see The Beatles live in concert for $2.50, $3.50, $4.50 and $5.50. With inflation, that amounts to approximately $19, $27, $34 and $41 in present day. To. See. The. Beatles. Live.

I paid more than all of those combined to see ONE Beatle

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dreams // fleetwood mac

thunder only happens when it’s raining
players only love you when they’re playing

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Impressioni di Settembre - Premiata Forneria Marconi

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let me tell you a story about my life: i once had this best friend who, in a particular occasion when we were both drunk as hell, tried to make a pass and me and then, since she was too embarrassed from the thing, blamed me. now i’ve just seen her and tried to talk to her but she was all cold and like we were strangers, and im trembling and crying and feeling broken and i dont know how to cope with this situation. i even thought of throwing myself under a car that was passing by.

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relationship tip #78: ‘babe’ and ‘baby’ are cliche and outdated. try a fun new nickname such as ‘lieutenant’ instead 

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tbh I find christopher eccleston and peter capaldi’s incarnations of the doctor way more intriguing (and attractive) than david tennant and matt smith’s

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members of led zeppelin :

  • curly blonde
  • satan
  • shy
  • bear

Members of Queen:

  • gay
  • curly
  • girl
  • shy

Members of The Beatles:

  • mop-top
  • mop-top
  • mop-top

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