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Sometimes I fancy myself as a Fairy of Music called Asia... In reality, I'm Elena, an odd Italian girl who loves Medieval history, Deep Purple, cookies, Marcus Tullius Cicero, strawberries, Progressive Rock, architecture, Alessandro Manzoni, crayons and Mother Nature.

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  • Roger Daltrey: People try to put us dooown
  • Roger Daltrey: Just because we gggeeggeggg gg gg g gge gegg ggg egegeeggggegeggggg
  • Roger Daltrey: geggeg geeg gggggegg ggeggeggeegg gegeggg
  • concert ends
  • Roger Daltrey: gege egegg ggegggeg
  • band leaves
  • Roger Daltrey: geggeg geeg gggggegg ggeggeggeegg gegeggg
  • obama is re-elected
  • pete townshend dies
  • world explodes
  • Roger Daltrey: get aroound

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im having strong rutherbanks feelings

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King Crimson
One More Red Nightmare
1974 Island Records

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tip for 6 year olds: dont do TOO well in elementary school, your parents will expect those 5 years of grades for the majority of your school life

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Thick As A Brick tho.

I mean…



This looks like it should be from a Dr. Seuss book I love it


This looks like it should be from a Dr. Seuss book I love it

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shoes / giamba ss15

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wuthering heights // kate bush

how could you leave me
when i needed to possess you?
i hated you, i loved you too

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Tales From Topographic Oceans, our grandiose 1973 album, was regarded by fans and critics alike as our most ‘challenging’ and I was really struggling with the tour. Not because it was hard work - quite the opposite, in fact. As the keyboard player, there were quite a few passages where I had nothing to do or was just holding down one key.
There was a mad percussion section where everybody banged things. It lasted about ten minutes, though it felt like a year and a half when playing it - and probably when listening to it. It was a bit dull.

In those days, I used to have my roadie actually lying underneath the Hammond organ throughout the set. If anything went wrong he could try to fix it. Also, he could continually hand me my alcoholic drinks.
We’d often have a little chat and on this particular evening in Manchester, I thought he said: ‘What are you doing after the show?’

‘I’m going to have a curry,’ I replied. ‘What would you order?’ It seemed a strangely specific question but I didn’t have much else to do so I told him. ‘Chicken vindaloo, pilau rice, half a dozen poppadums, bhindi bhaji, Bombay aloo and a stuffed paratha.’

About 30 minutes later, I started to get this distinct waft of curry. I looked down and my roadie was lying there holding up an Indian takeaway. ‘What’s that?’ I asked.
‘You said you wanted a curry.’ ‘No. I said I wanted a curry after the show…’ However, it smelled really good so he passed up the little foil trays and I laid this lovely spread out on top of the keyboard and ate it.

The rest of the band weren’t best pleased - after all, there was a certain mystique surrounding Yes.
The singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer were all thoughtful people - interested in philosophy and alternative lifestyles and this was an image at odds with the fact that the keyboard player was a beer-swilling, darts-playing, meat-eating oaf, one who would happily eat a curry in the middle of a show.”

-Rick Wakeman (via lauriejeanne268)

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